Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wampas drink it too!

The other day I was visited by a long time friend Jedi Master Lamoreaux who is stationed in the outter rim and I had not seen in months. After catching up for a while we returned to the Jedi Temple to sample some of my Johrian Whiskey. After taking a couple of sips he pointed out that my private stock was lacking my favorite Sarlacc kicker and was displeased with me. I pointed out that my last bottle had been consumed by myself and my friend whom I still have the "padmes" for on a camping trip. He did not accept my excuse and we moved on to talking about baseball. Personally I like Grav-ball better.

The next day I went to my local Cantina Supply Store to purchase a bottle of Sarlacc kicker. While wandering around the store I spotted a bottle of Wild Tauntaun Rare Breed. I must admit I was curious by the fact that it was advertised as Wampa Strength which would keep any creature warm on Hoth. After debating whether I had enough Republic Credits to purchase both bottles I decided I needed to splurge a bit so I bought both.

As soon as I returned to the Jedi Temple I had to have a taste and let me tell you that, that extra 16.2% alocohol really does make a diffrence. After a sip or two I was sure my esophogus lining had been burned away. It felt like somebody turned a lightsaber on in my throat. It was awesome! I bet they wish they had this stuff on Echo Base.

Wild Tauntan: When you absolutely have to stay warm on Hoth

Wild Tauntaun Rare Breed: What wampas drink to stay warm

May the Force be with most of you.

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Proto said...

cough, choke, yum.