Thursday, August 9, 2007

Late night Rock & Roll

The Hollywood Jedi has been keeping the peace in town a whole lot lately and has been on the verge of burn out of late. Small things like listening to the Max Rebo Band while I unwind make things tolerable. Tonight I decided that after a long day dealing with medics, the Jedi Council, and Imperial Storm Troopers I would go to bed early.

At a minute or so past 1am my r2 unit began buzzing with communications from friends living in the Valley of the Jedi's about concussion grenades having been detonated causing the earth to shake to a level of 4.5 on the primitive Richter Scale.

I haven't gotten out of bed for a 4.5 since I was a wee youngling. In fact I haven't gotten into bed with a 4.5 since I was a padawan under the apprenticeship of my Master.

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