Monday, August 13, 2007

Late Night Jedi Missions

Last night after a long night protecting the city from the Al-Anon 's I was in desperate need of some Jawa Juice. I located my old friend Darth Dragonfly who apparently was also in need of the potent beverage so we headed off to the Palms Cantina. After a couple of hours of talking about The Dark Side our transports among other cantina-like topics we headed off to a local eatery for a burger before we called it a night.

Whilst standing in the docking bay we caught glimpse of two individuals who looked like they were part of the Trade Federation having an argument. The argument eventually became a full on brawl at this point I pointed out that it was the Jedi Way to be a peace keeper and was my duty to halt the situation before anybody was seriously injured. Darth Dragonfly and his infinite wisdom pointed out that it was my duty to put such an event in the Jedi Archives and that my duty for the day had been finished earlier that night. He also pointed out that a local squadron of Storm Troopers would no doubt arriving shortly. He was right and they arrived in full force armed with jedi knightsticks.

Seeing as I was not in the mood to pull out my light saber (no not that one, perverts) that night we decided we should return to the Jedi Temple to get some rest. Always good to see my old pal Darth Dragonfly.

May the Force Be with most of You.

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