Friday, August 17, 2007

Patrolling Hollywood Blvd

Last night I went on patrol of the Blvd with my long time friend Darth Diamond. We encountered an unusual lack of docking bay space for our transport and attributed it to local parking Stormtroopers closing off the entire south bound side of Ivar to who knows what. I was not in the mood to investigate. In fact the only investigating either of us felt like doing was that of the women in short dresses and high heels. Having been distracted by one such woman on the corner of Hollywood and Cosmo we decided to walk into the Comedy Club there to make sure all was well and slythmongers weren't trying to sell innocent patrons any Death Sticks.

While inside the club I ran into a group of friends who happen to be performing there that night in the weekly cage match. We purchased a couple of drinks and went in to watch the show who's winner is decided by audience votes. Simple task when you have a Jedi on your side and most people there are weak-minded fools.

At the end of the show I employed the Jedi Mind Trick to convince the majority of the people sitting around me to vote for my friends who obviously with the help of my force skills won.

After the show we continued our patrol heading West-bound on the blvd. Darth Diamond having been a transplant from another time is still new to the whole Hollywood organism and enjoyed hearing about my 26 years of experience living here pointing out businesses that are staples in Hollywood like Hollywood Toy and Costume Shop, Supply Sergeant and Musso & Franks Grill.

After we scarfed down a couple slices of pizza we began to head back to our transport when we spotted Hover Transport ships lighting what was obviously a scene of some crime or disturbance. We went to investigate.

By the time we arrived, Stormtroopers had already dispatched the perpetrator and were mopping up a few minor details much like these guys do. After making sure all was in order we returned to our transport and headed back to the Jedi Temple for a good nights rest.

May the Force be with most of you.


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