Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Street Closures and political yuppies

Avoid Hollywood Blvd tomorrow (Thursday) at all costs my young padawans. In fact, if you dont like traffic, avoid Hollywood all together. As many of you know and many of you dont, Thursday evening there will be a Democtratic debate at the Kodak Theater which I will most likely be in attendance to prevent anybody going down RFK style.

I refuse to express who my choice for president is and I refuse to place a bumper sticker on my AT-AT since those things are tough to peal off and I dont want to look like some people still driving around with "Dukakis in 88" stickers still stuck to their vans. But I can tell you that I will vote and encourage all eligible voters to brave the weather and brave the lines and vote.

Because of the security preparations for this event, I have been
advised that Hollywood Boulevard will be closed from Highland to
Orange, with a soft closure to LaBrea, from 9 a.m. to midnite on
Thursday, January 31. I am advised that Orange will be closed, also,
from Hollywood to Franklin.

Plan your travel day well and if you have to go down there and chant with all the other political yuppies, for yodas sake please take the metro!

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