Thursday, January 10, 2008

Goodbye Johnny

Hollywood's Honorary Mayor Johnny Grant has passed onto the netherworld of the force last night. Last night I had a late dinner with The Turd Burglar at 25 degrees which is located at the Roosevelt Hotel when I noticed many cameras and news vans reporting. I was not aware of such a sad moment going on upstairs in Johnny Grants suite.

Having met Johnny on several occasions at distinct functions which commemorated senior volunteers in Hollywood, Star unveiling's, and Chamber of Commerce meetings, I can say he was delightful man who until recently always remembered my name and who I was. He would say "Jedi, the streets are safer with you in them." Jedi Master Garcetti was quoted saying "Johnny Grant was Hollywood's greatest star," he brought Hollywood the industry and Hollywood the neighborhood together. He was at the center of the story of Hollywood"

He will be missed.

Oh btw, my burger was nectareous.


Russell said...

Johhny Grant was a corporate schill and a free-loader. I know the Roosevelt will be glad to have that suite free to rent again. Who's going to miss him? The developers who are trying to turn Hollywood into one big overpriced Bauhaus.

The Hollywood Jedi said...

this city needs density. Johnny knew that. more density will force a light rail/metro extension which is what this city needs more of. you of all people should understand that since you do take the metro and live so closely to a station.

Russell said...

So your thesis is that if we force the rich to move into tiny, two bedroom units, then they'll starting using mass transit? Wrong! All these model units for the rich come with 2 parking spacing.

The Hollywood Jedi said...

A said nothing of the sort. Re-read my statement and you will see.

I have my own private vehicle. A gas guzzling one at that and my own home but I still use public transit or walk when I can. Money has nothing to do with it. Convenience does.