Friday, January 25, 2008

Coruscant Central Park.... err I mean Hollywood Central Park

As many of you know I am a HUGE advocate of green space in LA and especially Hollywood in particular East Hollywood. Tomorrow morning the people behind the 101 Fwy Central Park which proposes to put a cap over the 101 freeway will be holding a community meeting at Selma Elementary to discuss the progress and possible future of the unprecedented 34 acres of green space to be created on top of the 101. Yes I said in top of the 101. Crazy you say? Not really. Its been done before as close as La Canada over the 210 but who gives a womprat about those places in the SGV anyways? These guys do.

This is your opportunity to do something and make a difference in your community and stop bitching about crime, lack of parks, how shitty LA is etc etc etc. I'm tired of hearing transplants talk about how great their hometown is. I'm sure many of you have your doubts and have many questions but don't knock it until you hear the explanations and answers. Some people think the park is a bad thing and blah blah blah blah blah and I only have one thing to say to those people.
To be honest, these people sound like the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons when they start talking about fence height ordinances and variances and other bantha fodder like that. Dude, you people are old and you wont even be alive when the thing is finished, let us younger folks plan the future of this city. Besides, nobody really likes Grand Moff Tarkin and his cronies anyways.

This is the future of Hollywood and Los Angeles as a whole my young padawans. Hope to see you all there.

For more info on this meeting visit this link.


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