Thursday, November 15, 2007

What a bust.

Last night I attended a free legal clinic in support of a good friend of mine who takes care of me when I get in some legal problems with Storm Troopers. None to report. Jedi Mind Trick still works like a charm.

Anywho, this free legal clinic was put on by the same guy who put on the Taste of Little Armenia Festival a few months ago in Hollywood and since this new event was also being held in Hollywood I thought, twice the reason to go. Unfortunatly not many people attended this free clinic as it was poorly advertised. The man in charge admitedly said he had hoped for higher numbers and didnt know how to do better outreach. Our mutual friend immediatly suggested he speak to me since I have a special knowledge of that community.

TWICE! I repeat. TWICE! The shithead blew me off. First he walked away and began speaking with somebody else, and then at the behest of our friend he listened and then changed the subject after I made a simple suggestion of taking the "Pro Bono" out of his advertising and call it FREE. I may be wrong but most laymen especially people of another culture who do not speak english or latin for that matter wont know what the hell they're talking about.

Here's a tip shithead, you want to work with the people and help people? Get off the high horse.

May the Force be with most of you.


Bono Fan said...

PRO BONO??? No one told me about this! I love U2! Bono rocks! And so does the Edge, Larry and Adam.
Had I known about this I would have worn my Joshua Tree Tour t-shirt.

Ed said...

I know of a few people who were interested in attending but didn't find out about it in time. Do you think the guy on the high horse will do it again?

Will Campbell... said...

On a decidedly lesser scale but with similar effect and results, I was at a neighborhood association meeting last night where the subject was coyotes. At the end I approached the L.A. Animal Services' wildlife officer -- basically the only wildlife officer covering ALL of the city -- to inquire if there were any opportunities to volunteer for/with his department. I stand there patiently while he first listens to another attendee go on and on about the raccoons in her attic. Then when she's done, instead of giving me his attention he turns to another lady who had just walked up and started bemoaning at length about her current opossum infestation and what to do about it. About a minute later I went from ready to be a do-anything-to-help volunteer for this guy to walking out. His loss.

The Hollywood Jedi said...

Ed: High Horse guy said he would try to do it once a month after both my friend and I suggested it to him in order to help get the word out.

Padawan Campbell: I would hate to see that volunteer energy go to waste. Check out

They are always in search for volunteers. I have been known to drop by on occasion and use the mind trick on the tiger. ooops did I say tiger?