Monday, November 26, 2007


Have you ever asked yourself...'what would the big JC do?' I haven't... seeing as I'm a jedi and all, I always wonder what Yoda would do, but anyways, some people decided to start an interesting series interviewing A-list actors for an internet video project. This whole thing is a sort of fight the man kind of thing that SAG actors are doing in support of the current WGA strike. I find the whole concept pretty silly but some people find it fascinating. So.... since all the other bloggers decided to write a strike blog entry, here is mine. Peer pressure is the Dark Side.

# 3 in the "Speechless" series is Sean Penn. So I guess the burning question is 'What would Sean Penn do?'

Anybody know how to read lips?

Heres the rest of them. Enjoy

May the Force be with most of you.

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Enci said...

Strike! That's what JC would do. And that is what I'm doing.
So strike, or kick 'em in the nutts!