Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanks, but no thanks.

How cheesey is it when everybody starts being thankful for everything. "I'm thankful for the air we breathe every morning." Pulease! Gag me with a light saber why dont you? So in the holiday spirit, I will give you a list of things I am not thankful for.

In no particular order.

The Jedi Order for refusing to send along reinforcements making me deal with the problems in this town by myself making me jaded.

Some scum bucket who hit my land speeder in the Ralphs Docking Bay on Hollywood and Western then ran away.

The creepy guy I have to look at once a month (minimum) who reminds me of either the Unibomber or a Priest. (havent decided yet)

My Gizmo lost his head.

My maternal unit who despite my asking numerous times to stop, continues to water the lawn at noon.

Darth Dragonfly who began drinking and driving and poking smot again.

That poor guy I had to kick in the nuts.

Okay seriously though. I really am thankful that I have lots of alcohol and plan on drinking it all before the year is over.

Stay Safe Everybody and May the Force be with All of You. Even that creepy guy.... oh and that other creepy guy who thinks I'm stalking him.