Sunday, November 30, 2008

When Sandcrawlers Collide

At around 9am a Sandcrawler traveling Northbound on Virgil Ave was struck by another Sandcrawler traveling Westbound at high speed and having run a red light at Santa Monica Blvd in East Hollywood. The impact left shattered glass all over the intersection. Nine Storm Trooper squads were called to the scene including ambulances and fire trucks. Virgil Ave remained closed for about an hour while crews cleaned the wreckage.

No doubt the nine Storm Trooper squads were called in to verify if the Sandcrawlers had any stolen droids. No word yet if any Jawas perished in the tradgedy. One Jawa is however being held os suspision of wreckless driving.

Turns out the collision was caused because one of the Sandcrawlers was involved in a high speed chase beginning in South Los Angeles and ended in East Hollywood.

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SoapBoxLA said...

Storm Troopers must refrain from getting all Smokey and the Bandit while in crowded neighborhoods!