Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Storm Troopers are at it again

I ask you. What is wrong with this picture?

This time they were not serving a search warrant, they were hand cuffing Jedi Master Box and his wife.(wife? thats not the Jedi way!) Anyways, Jedi Master Box was attacked by a local bus driver the other night and Storm Troopers (as usual) got a contorted view of the events and hand cuffed the innocent victim then proceeded to hand cuff his wife for telling them they were cuffing the wrong person.

*note to self. Never tell Storm Troopers how to do their job.

I'm beginning to get the feeling that Storm Troopers are just another street gang only they have badges that give them the authority to be assholes and shoot people.

Apparently cyclist's are road hazards now.

*not to self. Find that bus driver and ask her is she enjoys running over cyclists.

We still have a long way to go to make the streets of Hollywood and Los Angeles safe for everybody.

May the force be with most of you.
except stupid bus drivers.


Will Campbell... said...

I am infuriated not only by this incident but by some of the ridiculous comments written attacking Stephen in response to his post on LAist.

The Hollywood Jedi said...

Stephen? Oh right... Jedi Master Box. I couldnt believe some of those comments either. He was clearly doing what any jedi would do when their life was in danger. Storm Troopers in this city are bantha fodder.

Militant Angeleno said...

The Militant has heard about this Jedi Master Box and may or may not have met him in person. Though the Militant holds him in the utmost highest regard, he doesn't think of Box as a Jedi. More like a Han Solo type. After all, if he was an actual Jedi, he would have used The Force on the stormtroopers and said, "These are not the cyclists you are looking for..."

The Hollywood Jedi said...

Good point Militant Padawan. He doesnt strike me as a Han Solo type however. He's not much of a scoundrel he's more of a fuzzy friend you can count on to whoop ass if needed. So I would venture to say Chewy. He's pretty tall and has a really cool beard.

Will Campbell... said...

Wait... did Hollywood Jedi just call Stephen chewy? I am simultaneously intrigued and repelled.

Militant Angeleno said...

Hollywood Jedi: Fair enough, though in the Star Wars universe, Box probably most resembles an X-Wing Pilot - you know, he's always got the helmet, the goggles, etc.

"Red Leader, standing by!"

The Hollywood Jedi said...

He already signs his emails to me as JMB. Calling him "Red Leader" might confuse him. I do however like the idea though Militant Padawan.

Padawan Campbell: I suppose I shoulda said Wookie not Chewy. That does sound a bit repulsive.

Enci said...

I (Jedi Mistress Box) am constantly intrigued :-)

The Hollywood Jedi said...

Welcome Jedi Mistress Box. I believe we are all newly intrigued now.

Militant Angeleno said...

Czech Me Out!