Monday, July 28, 2008

T-47 brings down AT-AT

Saturday night while stomping my way down to San Diego to visit other Jedi at the Annual Comic-Con I was attacked by a drunk T-47 pilot. Rather than use a harpoon and tow cable like most conventional snow speeder pilots, this one decided to crash into a wall, pushing it into my lane.

With only parsecs to react and the AT-AT's inability to swerve like a pod-racer, I struck the wall at full speed. The impact launched me into the air breaking one of my legs. After landing and having only three legs to control the damaged AT-AT, it succumbed to the excess weight and nothing to hold it up and I fell on my side where I dragged along the ground for about 20 feet when my broken leg caught on something flipping me over onto my remaining, now damaged legs and it finally fell on its chin. Medical droids arrived soon after and they all malfunctioned after they saw me walk away from the metal carnage.

*Obviously now that the tragedy has passed I can laugh about it on this blog but to be serious for a moment, I am fine. I should be dead. The drunk driver was traveling on the opposite side of the freeway when she hit the center divider head first pushing a portion of the wall into my lane where I hit it. I flew, I flipped, I dragged and flipped again. I walked away with a small scratch on my left elbow.*






Drunk didnt fair much better:


SoapBoxLA said...

Unbelievable! Glad you're safe and back in E*Ho. I guess you can have that new license plate made into a belt buckle!

Enci said...

You are awesome for keeping your humor! Kudos! We are happy that you are alive and well!

Militant Angeleno said...


You mean your AT-AT got slammed in by Shia LeBeouf?

You almost got Order 66'ed there. The Militant is relieved to know that The Hollywood Jedi did not prematurely become one with The Force.