Monday, June 16, 2008

Not Frozen in Carbonite

Explanation for my extended disappearance.... aside from a brief vacation to the Lake Country on Naboo, assisting in the filming of a short film, Jedi training with Dza Hai Bindo (more on him another day), visiting the Turd Burglar, spending some extra time with the Sith Attorney and dealing with random film crews outside the Jedi Temple, I've been pretty busy with real life bantha poodoo that has no place in this blog.

One interesting thing to blog about however is the creation of a new park in Hollywood. No not that huge one over the 101 freeway that NIMBY's like Grand Moff Serial are convinced wont get built because its just an excuse to change the planning policy and stuff like that, but rather a small pocket park on the corner of Sunset and Gordon. Wait what!? If you're having trouble imagining what is there at the moment then maybe this will jog your memory.

The Sunset Gordon is a 300 condominium, 13,000 sq.ft of retail, 40,000 sq.ft. of creative office space and a half-acre public park that will comprise this high-rise (hye-rise?) sitting atop of the Old Spaghetti Factory. (very Coruscantish) No the train will not be a part of the building. The train was sold to a private buyer who sill hasn't gotten his purchase. Wait till he sees the funky new graffiti it comes with.

The CRA along with Portland based Gerding Edlen, Council District 13, The LA Neighborhood Land Trust, and The Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council (no website available. lol) will be hosting a community wide meeting on Thursday June 26th to receive community input on what this park should look like. A definite must go if you live within walking distance of this location.

Couple interesting notes on this project are that this might just be the first time a developer like Gerding Edlen has ever been able to use its own Quimby Funds to build a park on its property, something Rec & Parks doesn't want you to know. And the 1/2 acre will be creatively placed on top of the parking garage being built for this new building.

I'm excited to see it built. You should too. Cant wait to see the finished product! YAY development!

And now... off to a Jedi Council Meeting.


SoapBoxLA said...

That Quimby scheme is quite interesting.

I'm writing a letter to the IRS now explaining that instead of paying taxes, I'll be building a park, for me, on my roof.

Very nice!

The Hollywood Jedi said...
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The Hollywood Jedi said...

Interesting letter Jedi Master Box, Unfortunately the park wont be for the developers sole use nor even his future tenants sole use. The park is intended to be a community park although I seriously doubt the developers sincerity to make it community use and not tenant targeted.

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