Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beyond The Call

Yesterday I went to see a movie screening of Beyond The Call with my Sith Attorney at the downtown Laemmle located on Fig. I caught wind of this movie because it starred three Jedi Knights from Malta who started an organization called Knightsbridge International who travel around the world dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief worldwide without regard to race, religion or national origin. This film, made by the same guys that did the Academy nominated Genghis Blues, follows these three Jedi Knights around the world for three years going to places like Afghanistan, Thailand and the Philippines as they provide food, shelter, clothes, medicine and even solar energy to those in need. This is not a movie you should miss. It will be screening at the same theater until Thursday, April 24th. The filmmaker will be available for Q+A after the movie during certain screenings. These guys are so cool, they even have their own action figures!

Knightsbridge International is currently planning a Humanitarian Aide Mission to Darfur.

Movie Trailer

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