Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Water, Water everywhere...

and all the drops you can drink?

Not exactly what Samuel Taylor Coleridge had in mind but...

While Hollywood was shining at the 80th annual presentation of the Academy Awards, Los Angeles was receiving an award of its own. Los Angeles is the proud owner of the US's tastiest tap water. Say whu? Yes. Los Angeles has the tastiest tap water according to Berkley Springs International Water Tasting. We beat out 120 other tap waters competing for best tap.

My question now is this. Can we as Angelenos help save the environment by drinking more tap water and less bottled water?

Of course this is just the tastiest water not exactly the safest water to drink. Need I remind you of the Great Drain of 08? Or how about the Cromium in the Valley?

Now you can get cancer but at least the water is tasty!

Makes you wonder though.... if Dasani is filtered local tap water... does that mean that Los Angeles Dasani is superior in taste than say..... San Francisco Dasani? In my opinion.... Hell Yes! Its baseball season folks, sorry about that digression but I'm just starting to get warmed up on hating the Giants.

Go Blue.

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