Tuesday, December 11, 2007

News Flash! Its effing cold outside!

OK , OK, so my jedi counterparts in Cleveland and Pittsburgh might say otherwise but for us Angelenos and So Cal kids, nippy just doesnt quite say it. Its cold enough that people have possibly began to die from the cold late night temperatures.

One homeless man was found dead near Downtown earlier this week
. I'm sure he would still be alive had he known that on Monday December 3rd, Eimago Inc in partnership with the Union Rescue Mission opened Winter Shelter Programs in West LA and Culver City for the cold Winter season totalling 310 beds which operate out of National Guard Armories. These are not walk-in shelters and do not want transients hanging around the parks and adjacent communities but rather prefer that the visiters meet the busses at designated locations

In addition, Eimago and the Union Rescue Mission will be operating 193 Winter Shelter beds/cots out of their main facility at 545 S. San Pedro Street in Downtown LA. Rumor had it that the Glendale Armory would be available but unfortunately it wont due to repairs being made. Fortunately, Burbank City Council voted 4-0 to open a 150 bed shelter there. Yay for warm hearted people.

Its a good bet that homeless people will not read this blog so I leave it up to all of you in the blogging community to spread this word out as far as you can to help these unfortunate people that would very likely freeze to death on our streets. Familiarize yourselves with the program and if you see a homeless person, let them know.

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